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           O’Fallon, Missouri: A Good Place to Live

      The illustrated history book, a first for the city, is the legacy of the O’Fallon Sesquicentennial Steering Committee in honor of O’Fallon’s 150th anniversary (1856 – 2006). The 144-page illustrated history has almost 200 photos, and personal anecdotes that bring the city’s history to life.

The book’s title, O’Fallon, Missouri: A Good Place to Live,
is based on road signs that first appeared near city limits during Mayor Paul A. Westhoff’s “City of Progress” initiative, which “encompassed everything from [the city’s first] sewers to youth programs and citywide beautification.” Westhoff served three non-consecutive terms between 1939 and 1961.

Stories of change and adaptability – the book’s twin themes – include Civil War tensions in the community, slavery and emancipation, destructive twisters and fires, orphan trains, and a list of community “firsts”: the first electric service (a 10-volt dynamo or direct current generator in the back of a store), the first telephones (on “party lines” that allowed anyone in town with a phone to listen in), the first fire-fighting equipment (a hand-cart with a chemical to extinguish fires), and O’Fallon’s first subdivisions.

To purchase your copy, contact one of our members or send us your request by e-mail. Price: $10.00

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